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Protect your identity online

Using a VPN on your device makes it impossible for unwelcome visitors to know what you’re looking at, who you are or where your  connection is from.

Our VPN’s dynamic encryption provides your data with its own secure tunnel to travel. Because your tunnel is private, no one else can access it and steal your data.

You can browse, work and play online safely with the knowledge that only you can see what you do. Which means no 3rd party software can track you and you’ll never get ads related to your web searches.


Works on all devices

Our VPN is universal. Use it on  Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, no matter if you’re on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. BlufVPN lets you browse privately on public wifi, at the office, at the beach, at home or anywhere else.

We support up to 5 devices per user simultaneously, no matter the operating system or browser - with BlufVPN you get the ultimate freedom to enjoy the internet your way.

Unlock hidden content

Our VPN makes it possible to tear down local content restrictions on streaming platforms. Can't see your favorite TV show or sports event from your country? BlufVPN makes it possible to watch geo blocked content on platforms like Netflix or watch sports events without licencing restrictions from your home without sacrificing internet speeds.

Guaranteeing privacy & speed

Unlike other VPN providers, we believe that your privacy should be absolute, even from us. That’s why we don’t keep logs of your activity or your connection.

On top of that, our 400+ servers in 50+ countries ensure that you don't sacrifice any internet speed while browsing totally anonymously.


Freedom to try - 30 Day Money-back!

We believe in freedom - and not just online. Try BlufVPN for free with our 30-day money-back guarantee for web purchases! That’s enough time to binge a whole TV series you shouldn’t be able to watch. Plans start at € 3.48 per month

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