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Become a Student Ambassador for BlufVPN

BlufVPN has established a student ambassador program as part of its Bluf Partners project. Helping us build a vibrant Bluf community through student ambassadors, as we believe, who better to represent us than the talented young students. Who believes in our mission of the internet without borders. 

The opportunity to work with the Imperial College London students in February confirmed our beliefs that we have an exciting product and an even greater mission, that the students also believe in. The world is becoming more open, but not everyone has the same online freedom. That is where blufVPN and the student ambassadors can make a difference! Whether it’s protecting your online privacy or accessing content not available in your country - blufVPN is here to help. 

The project is linked to our Bluf Partners affiliate program. Therefore, the generous commission we have for our affiliates also applies to our student ambassadors. We understand the effort the students will have to go through and know how to reward it accordingly. They will start making money as soon as users begin purchasing BlufVPN from their website, thanks to the 100% secure tracking system we use, so that students can earn a commission for every order. We love working with up-and-coming talent and we want this experience to be mutually beneficial. But if you are still not convinced, here is more reason to join us NOW

  • Opportunity to work with an exciting new start-up and be part of the Bluf Community
  • Opportunity to earn extra money while studying.
  • Opportunity to improve your communication skills and network.
  • Opportunity to grow within the project and get hands-on work experience.
  • Opportunity to learn and develop new marketing skills.

For us, the Student Ambassador program is about creating a community that truly believes in the brand and wants to help us on our mission to become Europe’s #1 household privacy service provider. As we believe our VPN product is only the beginning!

So here is a call out to all the students - Be the voice of online security, by helping us spread the word of blufVPN, and be our next student ambassador!

Get in touch! [email protected] 

Or read more about Bluf Partners!

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