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The best encryption software to use

We are starting to pay more and more attention to digital security and encryption is an essential part of that online safety. We see increased interest in encryption whether that be on messaging apps, web browsers, or online banking. While it would be perfect to have a single encryption system that would make all online activity safe from attacks, at this point in time, the best solution is to resort to separate encryption software options for various online services. Let’s take a look at the 5 best encryption software you can start using today. 

Browser - TOR

One of the most common misconceptions is that the most popular browsers are also the most secure. In reality, almost the opposite is true. Some of the world’s most widely used and loved browsers like Google Chrome or Safari are not the best options if you want to retain your online security and ensure that your data stays safe and anonymous. 

Instead, the safest choice when it comes to a browse is TOR. While using TOR, no one is able to see what you are doing online since the browser itself moves your traffic through various nodes, encrypting it numerous times so not even your ISP(internet service provider) can see what you are doing online. TOR is a great option to start with if you are just getting into online security and learning about all the ways that you can increase your digital safety instead of having all your data exposed without protection. 

Internet connection - BlufVPN

A VPN is essential for any internet user that is concerned with online safety and security. Not only do VPNs grant you anonymity on the web, but they also make sure that any personal data that you store online, will be protected and won’t end up in the wrong hands. VPNs protect you against third parties fishing for personal information that they can later use for advertising purposes as well as hackers or anyone who might just want to access your personal information. While there are countless options for a VPN, some of them even free, most of them will not do the job. It’s important to pick a VPN that is in our price range and that provides all the necessary features like Kill Switch, No-logs policy, etc. BlufVPN has all the features you want in a VPN and also has different options for payment plans, making it convenient to use for everyone. 

Email encryption - Proofpoint

You might be surprised that emails have their own encryption software but emails are extremely prone to hacking or data breaches as you might have experienced firsthand. This is important on a personal level as well as a professional level since so much of our daily tasks or responsibilities at work are tied to our email addresses. On top of that, your email providers can read every single email you send and receive, which is never a good thing, especially since these companies are known to sell data to third parties. The whole point of email encryption is to ensure that your email is as secure as any other platform and that no one, not even the service provider can read whatever you choose to discuss in your email. Proofpoint offers an easy solution to this problem with end-to-end encryption that will keep your information and emails secure, even from the provider itself. 

Messaging Apps - Signal

While you may not need to encrypt your day-to-day casual conversations, there is still something unsettling about the fact that at any point someone could just read through your private conversations if they wanted to. It could be the app you’re using or a skilled hacker who’s determined to find something compromising or exploitable in your conversations. This is why all the conventional messaging apps are basically unsafe for sensitive data. 

Instead, try switching to Signal, an open-source messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption. They protect text messages, as well as any calls or voice memos that are sent through their app. So if you are concerned about your private messages being read by a third party, use Signal instead of more popular messaging apps. 

Password encryption  - LastPass

We are long past the days of having your birthday as a password but still, security concerns over passwords are still very much relevant. Users are much more at risk of getting hacked when they use simple passwords or have the same password for all or some of their accounts. Since all your passwords have to be different from one another and they have to be hard to guess and difficult to remember, you will need a tool to manage all of that information. The most convenient way to do that is to use a password manager, specifically LastPass, which will allow you to safely log into your accounts while knowing that your passwords are secure and well organized. 

While there are other services that also use encryption software, these are the five most popular services through which you can easily elevate your security by simply using the appropriate software. These days it’s crucial to take your online security into your own hands since it seems like every service provider is trying to take advantage of our data through their services. We’ve become used to hearing about data breaches and unethical handling of our personal data, but it does not mean we have to put up with it. If you have never used similar software before, there is no need to worry. All of these tools are simple to use even if you don’t have much experience with technology. 

The next time you decide to use your browser, create a new password, or send a message to a friend, think about who could get a hold of that data and consider incorporating encryption software into the equation. It will help you protect your data and will make you feel a lot safer when browsing on the internet, sending a message, or an email. 

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