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What is a VPN?

VPN or virtual private network helps you stay anonymous on the internet and protects you and your data from potential cyber-attacks. The way that VPNs manage to do that is through data encryption. After you complete vpn software download, when you use a VPN while browsing online, your internet traffic goes through a secure tunnel and gets encrypted. After that’s done, it is impossible to trace your internet activity back to you, which is why everyone should be using it.

Various third parties will often try to use your personal data to create more targeted ads and marketing campaigns. And while you may think that what you’re doing online is already private, your internet service provider, as well as all the websites you visit, can easily trace your online activity, oftentimes keeping your data and selling it to the highest bidder. When you are browsing the internet through the VPN, no one can snoop on your internet traffic or get unauthorized access to your data. Just click the BlufVPN download button and your online privacy is guaranteed.

What is VPN?

How BlufVPN ensures your security 

BlufVPN hides your IP address as soon as you connect to one of our servers. After your vpn client download and registration you can finally start browsing safely. If anyone, even your internet service provider tries to figure out who you are or where you are located, they will only be able to get to the BlufVPN IP address, which is used by thousands of other BlufVPN users. So any attempt to identify you through your internet traffic will be unsuccessful.

In addition to that, even if your connection to one of our servers is unexpectedly interrupted, we have you covered. Sometimes even after you download vpn software, there can be problems.  In case you get disconnected from our VPN, BlufVPN kill switch feature will make sure that you can’t access the internet, and therefore you won’t accidentally reveal your IP address while browsing without protection. The sooner you download vpn, the soone you can begin to browse safely. 

Guaranteed safety and speed no matter your location

Connect to either one of our 500 servers across 60 countries and browse securely.

Access unlimited content no matter where you are browsing from.

Enjoy world-class security that is build based on the same security protocols that are used by NASA. All its takes is a vpn download and registration.

Ensure your anonymity through our No Log Policy. BlufVPN does not keep any logs so you can maintain your online security. We never snoop on your online activity and protect your digital privacy.

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Use BlufVPN on all your devices

BlufVPN software is compatible with all popular platforms. Whether you use Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows, our has BlufVPN has you covered and you can download free vpn for android, or any of the other platforms with ease. 

No need to make separate accounts for all your devices, click our free vpn download option, register once, and ensure your online safety across multiple devices.

24/7 Support

We love a chat. Time zones don’t mean anything to our team, we’re online all night long, and there’s nothing we love more than knowing the answers to your questions. Yes, we are massive geeks.

Money back guarantee

We are not gonna make you pay for something if you decide you don’t need or want it once you’ve tried it out. If BlufVPN isn’t your style - we give your money back. But you better not come crawling back asking for more! 

No log policy

We are never going to give away your information, and you should never trust a VPN which does. 

We don’t keep any logs on what you do, that’s a non-negotiable. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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