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Chrome VPN Extension

BlufVPN VPN Chrome extension delivers improved user experience, easy VPN management and makes connecting to a chrome vpn even faster than before.
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It takes less than a minute to install BlufVPN Google Chrome Extension

  • To encourage more people to use the necessary safety precautions when browsing online, we’ve made the process of installing the BlufVPN Google Chrome extensions as easy as possible. 
  • If you don’t have an account at BlufVPN then you can go ahead and create one. Then select a payment plan that works for you. Afterward, visit our extensions page and select Google Chrome Extension, and click Install. 
  • Our brand new vpn google chrome extensions will be up and running instantly. What makes this tool even more effective is that you can easily manage it right from the Google Chrome window, using the toolbar. 

Protect yourself with the best Chrome VPN

Google Chrome is a very convenient and user-friendly browser, but you still need to be connected to a VPN when you’re using it. To make the process of connecting to a VPN server even easier for our users, we’ve created the BlufVPN Google Chrome extension. 

Having a good VPN is essential for anyone who is concerned about their online security and wants to maintain privacy online. The extension makes connecting to a server less time-consuming. It also ensures that you never forget to encrypt your connection before you decide to go online. Aside from being faster and more convenient to use, here's everything you need to know about the best vpn extension for chrome. 

Secure connection without compromising the speed 

  • With BlufVPN Google Chrome Extension not only will you save time by having the extension right in the browser, but you also won't have to put up with any additional lags because you are using a VPN. 
  • The common misconception is that VPNs always noticeably slow down your connection.
  • BlufVPN uses the latest encryption methods to ensure that the connection stays intact and our users don’t have to choose between a fast connection and a safe one.

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Online Security Made Simple

  • We value the simplicity in our security tools, which is a big part of why we decided to start working on browser extensions. 
  • Our vpn chrome extension takes out the extra step of having to open the app on the desktop and connect to a server that way. You can get it all done within Google Chrome.
  • While the process is faster, you still get all the benefits of BlufVPN, secure connection, no lags, and of course anonymity online.
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We love a chat. Time zones don’t mean anything to our team, we’re online all night long, and there’s nothing we love more than knowing the answers to your questions. Yes, we are massive geeks.

Money back guarantee

We are not gonna make you pay for something if you decide you don’t need or want it once you’ve tried it out. If BlufVPN isn’t your style - we give your money back.

No log policy

We are never going to give away your information, and you should never trust a VPN which does. We don’t keep any logs on what you do, that’s a non-negotiable. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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