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Firefox VPN Extension (Coming soon)

BlufVPN Firefox VPN extension allows you to simplify the process of encrypting your connection with the best VPN for Firefox.
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Protect yourself with the best Firefox VPN

Would you like a simplified process of connecting to a VPN? Is having to turn on the VPN app manually every time you want to go online getting a bit tedious? Then Download the BlufVPN Firefox extension and instantly encrypt your connection when you open up your favorite browser. Our free extension simplifies the process of connecting to our secure servers and takes all the extra work out of the process. BlufVPN Firefox extension protects all of your network traffic which makes it a perfect solution for everyone who wants to be protected online at all times and can appreciate the simplified process of encrypting your connection.

Safe, Secure Firefox VPN service is only a few clicks away 

Is Firefox your go-to browser? Do you care about online safety and privacy? Then download our Firefox extension- the best VPN for Mozilla Firefox. 

  • While Firefox is definitely one of the safer browsers on the market it is still far from being perfect. Our BlufVPN Firefox extension makes the process of encrypting your connection extremely easy. With the extension, you can manage the whole thing right in the Firefox toolbar. 
  • Our vpn extension firefox takes all the work out of connecting to one of our secure servers. So you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to connect to a VPN when you go online - the extension takes care of that for you. 
  • No lags - We take connection speed very seriously, which is why we use multiple encryption types and keep up with all the latest VPN encryption methods to deliver the best results for our users. 
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How to use VPN Firefox?

  • The process of getting the extension is equally simple. All you have to do is go to our website and create a BlufVPN account. 
  • After that choose the subscription plan that works best for you and your needs. Then you can go to our extensions and select the firefox vpn service
  • Download the extension and browse away safely! The whole process can be managed right from the mozilla firefox vpn toolbar.
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how to use vpn firefox
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