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Download BlufVPN for PC. You will not regret it. Open the internet with BlufVPN. Enjoy the content you love, when you want it, wherever you and your device are.
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A simple, safe VPN for Windows is a few clicks away

Need a VPN for PC that you can rely on? You just found one.

  • Security every time: our BlufVPN Windows app engages every time you turn on your PC, as it launches with startup. So you never need to worry about being unsafe when you go online. 
  • Optimised for speed: We ensure that our VPN servers are the fastest around by making sure our coding geeks stay up to speed on the latest VPN encryption methods. They use several different encryption types which give our servers the flexibility they need to perform. 
  • No limits: we will never control your bandwidth limits meaning your connection can be as fast as it can be at your end too. 

Advanced users welcome 

We don’t only make BlufVPN easy to use - we make sure it’s there for the experts too. That’s why we have Hardcore Mode. 

  • Change protocols: You can choose which security protocol suits you with Hardcore Mode engaged. Whether it’s WireGuard, OpenVPN or IPSec you need, you have freedom of choice. 
  • WireGuard: gives you the option to configure with any UDP port, making you undetectable and safer than ever. 

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Download, sign up, log in, connect

It’s that simple to get your Windows PC or laptop connected to a BlufVPN server

Go to, download, install and log in

Once the app is installed on your laptop, PC or tablet, sign up to one of our many subscription plans. If you already have an account, just log in. 

Done. You’re a click away from the internet your way, safe, and secure with BlufVPN.

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24/7 Support

We love a chat. Time zones don’t mean anything to our team, we’re online all night long, and there’s nothing we love more than knowing the answers to your questions. Yes, we are massive geeks.

Money back guarantee

We are not gonna make you pay for something if you decide you don’t need or want it once you’ve tried it out. If BlufVPN isn’t your style - we give your money back.

No log policy

We are never going to give away your information, and you should never trust a VPN which does. We don’t keep any logs on what you do, that’s a non-negotiable. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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