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Download our easy VPN for PC, get maximum security and speed from your connection.

Best VPN for PC  

Connect from startup  

Our easy VPN can be set up to launch when you startup your PC, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to connect every time you go online. 

User friendly VPN 

Our app is designed for an easy user experience, just log in, click connect and you are online in seconds. If you have more specialised needs, choose a server in the country which suits you, or a specific type of server, our server map will help you find what you need with subheadings describing the specialist function of certain servers like those which are best for P2P. 

24/7 live chat support 

If you ever have a problem with your VPN connection on your PC, just contact our live chat teams and discuss your issue with BlufVPN Windows and PC experts who can get it fixed. Our shop never closes. 

Money back guarantee 

Don’t like our service? We are so sure that you will enjoy BlufVPN that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Cancel within 30 days of signing up for a full refund.

Versatile online security for PC 

Fastest VPN for Windows users 

We optimise our VPN setup for PC users, which means you will get the best out of your account. 

Your connection will be rock solid because we use the best Windows security protocols, and your upload and download speeds will be at their best thanks to our world class software architecture. 

Fully customisable settings 

We have a range of completely customisable settings for your PC when using our easy VPN. If you are looking to share files P2P, you can choose a P2P optimised server when you connect. Need to end your connection to a VPN server quickly? Enable our killswitch setting. Want to choose the protocols you use when your VPN connects? No problem at all - just head over to the settings section of our program. 

No bandwidth throttling

Your ISP can’t stop you from getting the best connection speed you can all the time if they do not know what you are doing online. Windows users trust BlufVPN to encrypt their connection and hide their IP, which means that you get the most open version of the internet possible. 

Best privacy and security controls 

Our dynamic encryption algorithms and security protocols ensure that your privacy is protected when you are using your PC. Your personal information is locked securely behind a wall of world class encryption which is used by security agencies worldwide to keep their data top secret too.

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Want to get online, keep your valuable data, maintain your privacy and enjoy the most open internet experience? 

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