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What is dynamic pricing?

We’re putting an end to people paying more just because of where they live. Join us. 

Not many people know this, but using a VPN can actually save you money. That’s because in certain industries, dynamic pricing has become normal. 

It means that the same product, service or item might cost more or less depending on where you are buying it from. Think that sounds unfair? Us too.

What is dynamic pricing? 

There are a couple of ways to define dynamic pricing, but the most relevant to you is this: you might be paying more than you need to for certain products and services, just because of where you live

Corporations and industries are deciding for you that because you live in a certain country, you should pay more for something than someone else. In many cases, they may even use your IP address to work out what area or ZIP code you are in - and from that, what your likely salary is. Live in a rich area? You might pay more. 

It isn’t just your location which can lead to things you’re buying being subject to dynamic pricing - the most complex systems used by major brands involve checking out which browser you’re using, your browsing history and even information about the actual device you’re using. 

All of this helps inform them about how to price their products when you’re checking out their website, because they have a really good idea of who you are, your behaviour online, likely lifestyle, and where you’re from. 

Who does it? 

Plenty of industries price their products and services dynamically. It is most common in the travel sector, where the prices of flights and hotels change rapidly and regularly. This can be down to demand, which is out of your control - but with a VPN you can control another factor: where in the world you are. 

They aren’t alone in trying to make the most they can out of their customers though. We did our own research and found that using Bluf, we could save ourselves money on tons of popular products as well as services like flights and hotels. Pretty much every major brand prices dynamically when you shop online - so you need a quality VPN to start saving you money. 

With BlufVPN, you could make your subscription cost back in savings in no time at all. Why not try for yourself? 

Examples of using a VPN and dynamic prices

Save money when you are shopping online and avoid dynamic pricing:

1 Services

Dynamic ticket pricing for flights is common. The same flight, booked from India, but not from London, costs less. So booking from the UK, in this case, would actually be cheaper. But it goes to show - it’s worth checking. A direct flight from London Heathrow to Mexico City. When booked from the UK, is an £863 one way trip. The same flight, booked from India, costs 90,668. That’s £877.

2 Products

It’s clear that if you buy a flight in one place it might be cheaper than somewhere else, but it’s not just travel. A pair of Nike Phantom GT Elite Dynamic Fit FG football boots, being bought from London in the UK, they cost £229.95. The exact same boots, bought from Pune, India, are 21,995 rupees. That’s only £212.

How to use BlufVPN to save money 

This might seem complicated, but it isn’t. When you sign up for BlufVPN, the first time you tap to connect you can see where in the world you’re connected to. Most of the time it will just be the server which we think will give you optimal performance.

If you want to change it, just tap the name of the country and check out the full list. If you’re buying in the USA, connect to Brazil, reload the website you’re browsing and see if the prices change. 

This doesn’t affect your ability to buy things or get them delivered to where you actually live - it just makes the website you are using think you’re somewhere you’re not. It also stops them from profiling you based on your browsing history, or device’s information, because that too affects the price offered. 

For that reason, it’s always a good idea to delete your cookies before you start shopping with a VPN, as they too might give the brand’s website an idea of how to price for you. 

It really is as easy as that - so why not start getting your hands on the best deals in the world, today? 

Download BlufVPN now!

Holiyay tip

When I’m shopping online, I always check other countries to see if I’m getting the best price. It’s the art of the deal, online. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! 

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