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What is a VPN Kill Switch?

When you’re connecting to the internet using a VPN server, it’s possible that your connection can drop for a few seconds like it can to any other server. It happens so quickly that you probably won’t notice, or care. But here’s the problem: it can compromise your security online. 

Those few seconds of disconnection from a VPN server could lead to your true IP address being exposed to those who want to track it, or your personal information being leaked online, which is bad. 

Our BlufVPN kill switch is the solution. Why? Because every time your connection to one of our VPN servers stops for a split second, the kill switch automatically disconnects you from the internet entirely, meaning there is absolutely no chance of your data being at risk, or your IP exposed

You will be back online and connected to one of our servers again before you’ve even noticed that there might be a problem - but our VPN killswitch will have protected you in those precious seconds of exposure. 

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Why you need a VPN kill switch in 2021

Our BlufVPN connections tend to be very reliable - but there are some reasons that they might disconnect from time to time, including: 

Firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software

  • Your firewall, antivirus, or anti-spyware settings may cause your connection to drop frequently. You can easily test this by disabling these features and trying to connect without them. 
  • If the connection stabilises when you have those features disabled, you’ll need to add BlufVPN as an exception to their settings before you launch them again. 

Bad signal strength and high network traffic

  • BlufVPN allows users to connect to distant servers all over the world. Unfortunately, the strength of your Wi-Fi connection at home affects the reliability of your connection with one of our servers, wherever it might be. 
  • Low signal strength can often cause your connection to drop. In addition, anywhere that sees a lot of people using an internet connection at the same time like coffee shops, airports, universities and busy libraries — can cause your VPN connection to become unstable as well. 

So please, make sure you aren’t in a high usage area sitting 500m away from the router before you start blaming us for your unreliable VPN connection, OK? 

Reasons to have a kill switch

Losing your connection to a VPN server and having your information or identity temporarily exposed might not seem like such a big deal. But there are a lot of situations in which it matters more than you may think.

1 You work with sensitive data:

If you work with sensitive information a lot, there is nothing more scary than the idea of one of your competitors getting their hands on your company’s corporate advantage, or worse, your clients’ private data being exposed. If you use BlufVPN with our kill switch engaged, there is no danger of you suffering that kind of disaster.

2 You are a journalist:

Journalists protect their sources for a reason. Sometimes the information that sources share could get them sued, fired or worse. In a situation where information is your currency, you can’t take any chances with the idea of your work being leaked online. If you’re a journalist and you don’t use a VPN already, and even better one with a kill switch, what are you doing?

3 You live in an authoritarian country:

Countries with authoritarian governments like nothing more than stepping on the rights of their citizens, particularly when it comes to the internet. They also really like spying on the people who live in them. Using a VPN with a solid connection is essential if you live in a country where censorship of websites is common, and maintaining your privacy online might be the difference between maintaining your freedom and not. Using a VPN with a kill switch is the easiest decision to make if you’re the citizen of an authoritarian regime.

4 You sometimes forget to lock the door

It happens to all of us. You leave the house without your keys, or go to bed and realise you didn’t lock the door. If you’re the kind of person who reads that and thinks, yes, that’s me, then having a kill switch on your VPN is a good idea. Maybe you’re about to go online from your work computer from a public wifi connection and you forgot to turn on your VPN? The kill switch will save you even when you don’t even realise you need saving.

5 Something weird happens

What if you have a power cut at home, and your devices all run out of battery and turn off. When they come back on with the power, will they still be connected to your VPN? Because they’ll automatically connect back to your WiFi again, immediately putting your privacy and data at risk. Best to be safe and have a kill switch turned on.

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