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Mobile security matters. Keep your phone’s content private with BlufVPN.

Our phones are banks of private information - don’t give anyone the keys to the vault

Mobile phones are not just a device for calling friends anymore, they contain every piece of personal information we have, from bank details, to tickets for travel, private contacts, communications and our photo and video collections.

Would you keep all of that vital, private data in one easy to access place at home? Probably not. And if you were going to keep it somewhere, you’d certainly keep it secure. 

If your phone is going to be the only location where you store all that info, it isn’t just important to make sure that you regularly back it up - it’s important that you keep your data private, secure and properly hidden from public view. 

Keeping your phone’s private data secure

Even though our phones constantly try to reassure us that they are safe with security checks like fingerprint scans, pin codes and passwords, they are in fact extremely insecure. 

How do mobile phone brands collect data from you?
Constant tracking

Mobile internet providers track all online activity which uses their network. They can also relate all of that activity to your IP address, which is also tracked by every website you visit. 

Apple and Android

Apple require their app developers to ensure that every application is end-to-end encrypted, but the reality is that the large majority of apps on the App Store are not actually encrypted. Similarly, insecure data storage has been shown to be the number one security flaw in Android apps. 

Public Wi-Fis can be dangerous

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi is always risky: it opens your phone up to man in the middle attacks by cyber criminals and those who wish to steal data from your phone.

Be certain about your security

As we allow more and more information to be stored on phones and entrust these devices with our personal data, it is increasingly important to be certain that your mobile is as secure as it can be. 

How data stored on phones became a target

Our phones are dedicated to convenience - using them should be as easy as possible.  Sometimes, being convenient and making it easy for us to do things on the go comes at the expense of security.

If the only thing protecting your data is a pin code, you should get a VPN to encrypt all your online traffic and private information.

Implement safety measures for your own good

Making your data indecipherable and anonymising you is more important on mobile devices even than laptops or work computers. Devices like PCs and laptops, which we use in static locations like our home or the office, often comes with their own inbuilt protections like firewalls. 

Be cautious when on the move

When we use our phones to deal with personal information in public places, we leave it open to being intercepted when we connect to wifi in hotels, cafes or on any other public hotspot. This make security and privacy on the move all the more important. 

World class security, with or without wires

BlufVPN’s mobile app is just as secure as the version for desktop. It has all the same unique and essential functions: access to thousands of servers, hiding your IP address, encrypting your data with dynamic software, not logging any of it and having the benefit of 24 hour support. 

Our mobile VPN app does even more - it adjusts as you move through the world - if you’ve changed from one wifi network to another, or changed countries, it will automatically change to fit the environment it is in and keep your data safe, secure and private. You can connect on demand, whenever and wherever you need to. 

Security on the top

BlufVPN uses a range of VPN security protocols to lock down the enormous amount of information you keep on your Android or iPhone. Our iOS and Android protocols ensure maximum performance and stability of connection, without compromising on security and safety. 

Unlike other VPN providers, we will never log your data, or keep any kind of record of your activity online. 

Multiple devices, no compromise
Many devices at once

With BlufVPN you can secure up to 5 devices with one account. Pay once - benefit five times. 

Same top-notch security

Ordering BlufVPN means that if you are paying for a VPN on your laptop, home computer or tablet, the same account can transfer the unique features of BlufVPN’s dynamic encryption, IP anonymity and superb performance to a mobile device too.

Use with different gadgets

Without paying any more money, you can secure devices using Windows, iOS, Android or Mac OSx.

Securing your phone
  • Download BlufVPN from the App Store or Google Play. 
  • Install the app on your device and set up a BlufVPN account. 
  • Connect to the internet using our dynamic encryption software. 
  • Browse freely, privately and safely with encrypted data and an IP address which no one can trace back to you. 
  • Should you wish, you can also choose from more than 2000 servers in a range of different countries. Finding the right server for the right function is easy.  

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