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BlufVPN does not track, collect, or share your private data.
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If you’re looking for a no log VPN, you can stop now

When you connect with a VPN, the information which your ISP can usually sell to third parties (like how long you were online, website activity logging and files you downloaded) is unavailable to them. That means that you only need to trust your VPN provider not to track your data.

Most VPN providers claim they don’t keep logs — but that’s impossible to test without risking your security. 

We offer you one simple promise: we don’t log your activity online. At all. Sound good?

What does no log VPN mean? 

Or in other words, what data do we actually collect

The answer is a very small amount. We need your email address and payment information, so that you can use BlufVPN. 

This information is stored as securely as possible and we guarantee it will never be associated with your online activity (connection data).  

One subscription with us allows you to use 5 devices, so we also need to timestamp your last session so we know how many devices you are using. 

We guarantee that your timestamps will always be deleted automatically minutes after disconnection. No exceptions. 

We’ll also keep customer service interactions through our chat so that we can more quickly resolve issues in future, but we’re totally cool with deleting yours if you want us to do so. 

None of the information you share with us is shared with any third parties, that isn’t how we do business. If someone comes asking questions about what you’ve been doing with your internet connection, we can’t tell them, because we don’t know. 

It’s as simple as that. 

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Slick tip

If you really care about your privacy, using a no log VPN is the only way to go! What’s the point of paying to hide your IP if your VPN provider keeps your info and sells it to whoever wants it? 

Why you can trust BlufVPN with your privacy: 

Information we will never log

We share a lot of data every time we go online. Below are some examples of what we will never keep a log on. It is valuable, personal information that really no one should know apart from you. We think it should stay that way: 

  • Your true IP address
  • The amount of data you transfer 
  • Websites you have visited 
  • How long you were online 
  • Which VPN servers you connected with
  • DNS queries 
  • Software you used 

We accept crypto payments 

We have no problem accepting cryptocurrency as payment using CoinsPaid. If you want to pay us in a completely anonymous, untraceable way, you can. Naturally, we still offer our 30 day money back guarantee on payments made with crypto - it’ll just go back into your wallet.

We aren’t US-based 

Our home isn’t in the USA, which means we don’t have any obligations in law to collect certain data on you which might make you identifiable. If a third party or authority comes to us asking questions about what you have been doing, we’ve got you covered. The best we can give them is “No idea.” 

D. Hard tip

If you’re serious about keeping your personal information secure and seriously encrypted, just use cryptocurrency to pay for your BlufVPN subscription. That way you know your personal payment information is truly anonymous and untraceable. 

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