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No logs policy

BlufVPN has a strict no logging policy. We use only what we need to deliver the services you need.

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What is a log?

When you log onto the internet without using a VPN, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) tracks and collects data about your activity online. In many cases, they then share this data with third parties like advertisers, other corporate entities who trade in data, and even the authorities. 

Log policies of some of the other VPNs

Some VPN services actively collect logs about their users - there are a number of different types of log they track and collect.

  • Which of their servers you use to connect (which country you connected to, and when)
  • The amount of time you connected to the VPN 
  • How much data you transferred when connected to the VPN 
  • The IP address you used to connect 
  • Websites you visited whilst connected 
  • Software you used whilst connected 
  • The files you downloaded or uploaded whilst connected 

    These types of log contain a large amount of your personal information, which is valuable to third parties like advertisers and corporations, and of interest to the authorities and governments. 

We don't believe in logs

These third parties can use this kind of data to build a picture of who you are and potentially identify you based on your activity online, which defeats the point of using a VPN. 

That is why we do not keep logs. We truly believe in the importance of preserving the human right to a private life in the online world - so we stay out of your business.

How does a VPN help?
Skip your ISP's servers

Without using a VPN, all of your traffic goes to your Internet Service Provider’s servers, where they can track it and sell it. With a VPN, your data has a secure road to travel - which does not go via your ISP.

Block outsiders

ISP cannot access the "data road" a VPN offers, because it is private and secure. Even if they could see your data, they would not be able to use it because it is encrypted. 

VPN security

Using a VPN provides your personal information and data with a level of privacy which is unachievable even with your usual browser’s security settings at the maximum level. 

What data do we have to keep?

To be able to provide a VPN service, we do need to collect a very small amount of data, like your email address and payment information. These are stored as securely as possible and the information is kept in a way that does not allow these two pieces of data to be associated. 

If you are using our website, we will also collect some amount of analytic information, or “cookies”, in order to optimise the running of our site and ensure that your experience as a customer is the best that it can be. We guarantee that none of the tiny amount of analytic information we collect is passed on to any third parties. 

Temporary timestamps

As we allow you to use up to 5 devices with just one account, we also have to timestamp your last session data so we know how many devices you are using. These timestamps are deleted automatically minutes after disconnection. 

Regional differences

When considering which VPN service to use, you should look at whether the service collects data about users and their browsing activity, any tracking tools it uses and the country it operates from. Some countries have stricter laws around the tracking of customers than others. 

BlufVPN is the only choice for maximum privacy

Our VPN service guarantees a level of personal data privacy and security which none of our competitors can claim.

  • We keep absolutely no logs at all of anything related to your online activity, personal data which is passed online, quantity of data, your IP address or session duration. 
  • Because we do not log or track any of that data, there is nothing to store, meaning we do not keep any information about our users other than the most essential pieces we need to run a business: your email address and payment information. 
  • We have a number of extra security features which allow our users who need their privacy the most to customise their VPN experience for the absolute maximum level of security - giving peace of mind online to those in the most high risk user demographics.  
  • We are not US based, meaning we do not have any obligation in law to collect your person information for it to be passed on to the authorities. We do not track, collect, log or store any of your data, so you do not need to worry about it being given away. 
  • Should you wish to keep even your payment information anonymous, that is absolutely fine. We accept a number of cryptocurrencies as payment including x, y and z. 

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