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In the world of wireless broadband, fibre and 5G, you shouldn’t have to wait for videos to load or have the dreaded spinning wheel of buffering stopping you from watching Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or Keeping up with the Kardashians. 

What if we told you that a lot of buffering is caused intentionally? That’s right - your ISP could be limiting your bandwidth to suit their needs, even if you’ve paid for an unlimited package. 

Without using a VPN, your connection is subject to what is known as “bandwidth throttling” any time your Internet Service Provider feels like it, which means movies that stop and start and episodes of your favourite series which won’t even load.

Why do ISPs bandwidth throttle?

A lot of people who pay for limitless data packages from their ISP believe that they are not always getting value for money - and in many cases this can be because of bandwidth throttling. 

There are a range of reasons that ISPs would want to bandwidth throttle their users.

They prioritise their favoured websites or streaming services

That’s right, your ISP might be using your connection to force you towards the services that they want you to use. Does it always feel like your Netflix is incredibly slow compared to when you use Hulu? Maybe your ISP has shares in Hulu, so it’s in their interest for you to use it more. Many ISPs are also in the TV business, so check if they are associated to Sky, Amazon Prime, Youku, HBO, Verizon, Disney, Apple or their competitors.  

Peak times

The internet gets more widespread usage at certain times of day. If your connection slows down at night, it is probably because more people are at home and online. Your ISP will then share their total bandwidth out more thinly, meaning your connection is slower and your streaming capability worse.

Bandwidth limits

If your connection drops so slowly that you can barely load a webpage, it could be because your ISP has your bandwidth capped. They use this as a method of trying to force you into purchasing a more expensive plan, which may still be subject to bandwidth throttling. 

ISPs tend to throttle streaming and P2P

ISPs don’t like it when too much data is exchanged with particular websites, so if you use the same streaming service to download a huge amount of content, or upload a lot to a friend using a P2P service, this can also lead to your ISP deciding that it’s time to put the brakes on your connection. 

Steam fast and stream free with BlufVPN

There is one very simple solution to the pain of bandwidth throttling which also gets the best out of streaming on your connection - getting a VPN. Having a VPN prevents your ISP from seeing what you are looking at, and stops some of those key situations explained above from happening.

Decide who has access on your browsing info

Because your connection has a private road of it’s own, directly from your devices to our servers and back again, it doesn’t need to go past your ISP. This means that not only can they not see what you’re doing, they can’t interfere with your connection at all. 

Dynamic encryption

BlufVPN’s dynamic encryption software makes the data you exchange impossible to decipher, whilst also giving you the best streaming experience with the fastest connection possible on your internet package. 

Full stream ahead

If you pay for a top quality connection then you should expect to stream at a top quality speed.

With a VPN, you can stream your favourite shows securely and privately even when you aren’t at home - just choose one of our servers in your home country to connect with. Even if you want to watch sports like football, basketball, tennis or baseball, it doesn’t matter, no one can take away your right to your favourite content. 

Interruptions are rude

Connect to the internet without worrying about your streaming binge being rudely interrupted by your ISP throttling your bandwidth because it suits them, ensuring you have the best connection you possibly can at every moment. 

Stream secure

Watch whatever you want to watch, safe in the knowledge that no one is snooping on you or tracking your habits. That means no more targeted ads, no more licensing restrictions and no limits on what you can stream. 

Choose BlufVPN for the most convenient streaming solution

Stream safe in the knowledge that your connection will be working at maximum speed, because BlufVPN is set up to be as efficient with your bandwidth as possible. 

Never worry about bandwidth throttling again, because your ISP won’t be able to see what you are doing. Let our smart encryption algorithm keep your online behaviour what it should be - absolutely private. 

Connect up to 5 devices at the same time using one account, so streaming from any screen won’t be a problem, be it a smart TV or a smartphone.

Start using BlufVPN now

Download BlufVPN and go full stream ahead - get the maximum possible speed out of your connection and watch your favourite films, series and videos without buffering.