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All you need to know about BlufVPN encryption!
Protect yourself with rock solid VPN encryption.
VPN encryption

You need to keep personal information safe with world class VPN encryption. Here’s why. 

Your personal information is more valuable than you know. That is why since the very early days of the internet, there have been people wanting to take it from you without you knowing. 

How your ISP takes your data 

Every time you connect to the internet without a VPN, you connect to one of the servers provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Once you’re connected thanks to them, you’re free to go where you want to go online. But here is the catch - because you’re connected through your ISP, they can monitor your every activity.

Because there isn’t anything to prevent your ISP from logging and tracking everything you do whilst connected, they’ve been using that information to sell to advertisers, and make money. On top of that, if your government come knocking asking for information on you, your ISP have to hand over your digital footprint. 

It isn’t just ISPs 

That’s right, your government can ask for records of your activity online and have them in no time at all, because your ISP has to give it to them by law. 

But it isn’t just your ISP or your government who can track you if you don’t browse with VPN encryption to protect your data. Hackers and criminals who want to steal your personal info and use it for their own profit are also ready and waiting. 

Hackers often exploit unsecured connections like public wifi to do this - using a form of hacking known as a man in the middle attack. This is where they pretend to be the public wifi and trick you into connecting to them, before hacking your unsuspecting device.  

The solution? 

There is a simple solution to protect your information and make sure that your digital footprint is known only to you. Encrypt your connection with a VPN. BlufVPN encryption creates a private underground tunnel for your data to travel - the tunnel is private, so no one can access it apart from you, and because it’s underground, no one can see it either. 

  • Your data travels safely to and from your device, in a tunnel made from our world class encryption code. 
  • Our team of hardcore coders have created an encrypted VPN similarly complicated to those used by high level security agencies and governments when they want to send protected secrets. 
  • Data sent online needs to be broken up into small pieces, so that’s what our VPN does, it makes tiny pieces of encrypted data. 
  • When that data gets to our VPN server, it removes the outer layer through decrypting. 
  • To anyone watching from afar, if it’s your ISP, a hacker or the authorities, when your data is travelling from you to our VPN server it’s invisible, and even if they somehow manage to intercept it, it appears as nonsense, which makes it have no value to them. 
  • And because when you connect with a VPN, you use one of our servers, you are hidden behind the IP address of that server. That means every time you’re online, your identity can be different. 
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Let’s get technical, technical

Because we want you to have the possibility to experience the full power of BlufVPN, we created hardcore mode. It’s our tribute to the VPN experts out there who want full control over their experience of using BlufVPN.

1 Your choice of protocols:

We use IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols when you log on with BlufVPN. Hardcore mode gives you the choice - which one best suits your needs?

2 IKEv2/IPSec:

This protocol uses AES (256-bit encryption), but can also use Blowfish and Camellia. Apparently that means something to people who care about this kind of thing.

3 OpenVPN:

Uses AES (256-bit encryption), but can also use RC5 and Blowfish. Can be configured to run on any UDP/TCP port, including 443 and can be extremely hard to block if configured correctly.

4 WireGuard:

The pro’s choice. It uses ChaCha20 for symmetric encryption, Curve25519 for anonymous key exchange, Poly1305 for data authentication, and BLAKE2s for hashing. The ChaCha20 encryption means WireGuard is your best choice for speed, and because it’s open source software, it’s always improving.

Think you’ve got nothing to hide? Think again 

Many of us think that because we’re not criminals we have no reason to be concerned about the loss or leaking of our personal data online. But there are a number of reasons that having an encrypted VPN is clever. 

Your passwords to important elements of your life like online banking are vulnerable every time you connect without a VPN, as is your medical history, work emails, social media logins, personal conversations and more. 

You may be a trusting person who believes that their ISP would never do anything to harm them - but do you really trust every other internet user? That’s like trusting every single person you see in a bar. Bad idea. The simple truth is this: much like if you keep your wallet and cards safe when you go out of the house by having them in an inside pocket, or a zipped bag, if you connect to the internet you should do it with a VPN

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Is it just for nerds? 

Don’t be silly. You don’t need to have the coding skills of our encryption team to be able to get online with Bluf. We have made sure that our VPN isn’t just for experts - it’s designed to be easy for anyone to use. 

Once you’ve downloaded our app to your device, signed up and logged in, you’re a single tap away from getting connected to one of our 500 servers in 60 countries across the globe. 

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