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Best VPN for multiple devices

Whatever device you use, we’ve got your back.
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VPN for multiple devices

Want the best VPN for multiple devices? Right this way. 

If you’re wondering why it is that you’d need a VPN on your phone, or your tablet, the answer is pretty simple: smartphones and their larger cousins are digital banks of private information

They contain everything anyone could want to know about you, from your most private notes, to photos, banking details and personal contacts. Still wondering why you need a VPN on your phone? We didn’t think so.  

A VPN for every device 

A mobile VPN which you can use on multiple devices (with one account for up to five devices in total) gives you the peace of mind you deserve when you’re browsing on your phone or tablet. 

In this day and age most of us use our phones more than we use our laptops, and you would have a difficult time finding someone who only uses one internet-enabled device. 

So it makes perfect sense that we develop just as good VPN for your tablets and phones as your laptop or desktop computer. They all have internet connections, so they all deserve to be protected, in every scenario. 

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When you need protection

If you’re using BlufVPN multiple devices can be protected simultaneously. That means if one gets breached because you aren’t connected to a VPN server, at least your data is safe on the others. You would never go out on a freezing cold day wearing a huge winter coat but no shoes, would you?

  • Every time you connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network like public WiFi, you run the risk of falling victim to cybercriminals who use them to intercept people who don’t realise how unsecure they are.
  • Maybe there are some things you do online which you don’t want everyone to know? You wouldn’t be alone in that. All your online actions can be tracked and registered by your mobile internet company, so they can know exactly what you’re up to, what you’ve done, when you’ve done it and in many cases why you’ve done it too.
  • Of course every website you visit without a VPN connection gets to know your IP address too, so they can identify you and make records of all your activity. That’s how they tailor adverts to you based on your behaviour online.
  • If you run a business, without a VPN multiple devices in the office are open to corporate hacking, client data loss or seeing your competitive advantage leaked online. These are the kind of risks you would never take in any other aspect of your work.
  • Keeping your family members’ data safe and secure on whatever device or operating system they might use is also important. Unless you live in a cave, they probably use social media, store their photos or frequently send important personal info using their phones and tablets, then they’re at risk too.

No individual or corporation should ever have access to that information except for you - keep it that way by downloading the BlufVPN app and keeping the keys to your digital information banks for yourself.

The best multi device VPN

Which devices can you use to connect with BlufVPN? Pretty much whatever you want. Maybe not a calculator though. Don’t be stupid.

1 Phones

If you’re an Apple fangirl or an Android nerd, you can connect with BlufVPN. Our app isn’t optimised to a specific operating system, so you know you’ll get the same quality of experience whichever you use.

2 Tablets

Maybe you love taking pictures using your tablet at sporting or music events? Weird. But seriously, we won’t judge. You’d better keep it protected though and you can with BlufVPN.

3 Desktop computers

If you use a desktop PC or Mac, we’re here for you. Just because you like the feeling of a huge device under your desk doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be safe online..

4 Laptops

Ah, so you do your freelance work in coffee shops? That’s cool. Please actually buy coffee. And yes we’ll still let you download BlufVPN to keep your data safe and secure even if this is you. Seriously.

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