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Isp throttling - Can a VPN help?
Security or speed? Get a VPN that gives you both

Are you looking for a private, secure access to the internet without sacrificing performance and speed? BlufVPN gives you it all: the most secure, supercharged online experience - so you don't have to worry about your online privacy ever again.

Forget aboutw ISP throttling

ISPs may slow your binge-watching experience drastically. Enjoy the supercharged streaming experience without constant buffering and bandwidth throttling with BlufVPN.

Secure streaming

Pick and watch your favorite TV shows and movies with top speed, and without worrying about privacy and security - we handle it all for you.

Stay safe online

Don't let anyone else than you access your private data: whether you're streaming, browsing or downloading files at home or in a public place.

Does a VPN slow down the internet?

Connecting to a VPN means that all of your internet is rerouted through an encrypted tunnel for maximum security and privacy. However, this may cause a slight decrease in your connection speed, as your data gets routed through different parts of the world, depending where you're connected. Fortunately this decrease in connection speed will usually be too small to notice, especially in every-day web browsing. But, for more advanced usage, like demanding streaming or peer-to-peer file sharing, you may want to ensure that your speeds are top notch.

What influences the VPN connection speed?
  • The internet speed your ISP offers
  • Quality of the VPN's encryptio
  • Distance between you and the VPN server
  • VPN server's load
  • The security protocal that the VPN uses
  • Firewall / antivirus software being used

    These are the factors that can result in a unstable internet connection with constant unwanted interruptions while doing miscellaneous tasks in the internet, such as browsing, streaming or watching a movie or a TV series. Fortunately, poor connection can be avoided.
3 ways to help you ensure having the fastest VPN connection
Pick the best servers

Having more server locations means that the VPN traffic is spread more widely around the world. We at BlufVPN have and extensive catalogue of servers in nearly 60 countries. You'll certainly find a server that isn't too crowded.

Choose the location with care

Longer distances equals more latency - picking a VPN server closer to your location will provide you with faster connection. Try to avoid using servers too far away from you, unless you absolutely need it.

Avoid VPN traffic jams

When more people are connected to a server, it obviously responds more slowly. So, try to choose a different server with less people connected to it and see if it makes a difference!

What is the fastest VPN service in the world?

The BlufVPN server infrastructure around the world is not only extensive, but very fast too.

When you want a fast and reliable VPN experience, you can rely on BlufVPN. We'll certainly have anything you'll wish for in a VPN.

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