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Our IP address is a collection of numbers unique to your device - it tells those who have it our physical location in the real world. Every different device has a different IP. 

Having an IP is a fundamental necessity when it comes to going online because they are the address from which you send and receive data, like having a home address is necessary to send and receive mail. People need to know where things are coming from and where they are going. 

Two types of IPs

There are now two different kinds of IP, IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is the most common, and consists of numbers varying from 0 to 255 in sets of four, each separated by a dot. 

IPv6 is the future

IPv6 is more complex and was created to replace IPv4, when it became clear that the internet was so popular, that eventually Internet Service Providers would run out of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 addresses are eight sets of hexadecimal digits separated by colons (:) and will become the next generation standard IP address style.

A VPN hides your IP

It is possible to use a proxy server to hide your IP, but all that does is scramble the code of your address. A VPN does a great deal more than that. Using BlufVPN gives a simple way to secure and encrypt all the information you share online. By connecting to our servers, it isn’t just your IP which is hidden, but all of your data traffic too.

Once you connect using our VPN, your IP address will show as one of our thousands of servers instead of your own, keeping your IP as secret as it should be and your identity anonymous. 

Your data will also be indecipherable, dynamically encrypted using our world-class software.

We take your privacy seriously

We will ensure that your privacy is respected in the most absolute way. No logging (we don’t track, collect or keep any of your browsing data) means no data to sell on, which means no way anyone can profit from or find out about your online activity, because even we won’t know what you are doing online. 

No more tracking

Shared IP addresses will prevent any third party from being able to trace you through the IP we assign you. At any time thousands of our users could be using the same one of our thousands of IPs, with all of their data traffic travelling through the same IP address, so to anyone trying to track you down, good luck. 

Disconnect whenever you want

Our kill switch function means that should your VPN connection ever fail, you’ll have the option to immediately go offline before anyone is able to get their hands on you or your data. VPN connection failures are extremely uncommon, especially with BlufVPN, as our servers are rock solid. But it’s good to know that the option is there. 

Why do you need to mask your IP?
Stream free

Love watching your favourite movies and series, but hate the sight of buffering? A hidden IP gives you access to the internet without the concern about your ISP bandwidth throttling. This is when your Internet Service Provider limits the speed of your connection, to regulate their network and make it less busy, usually caused by an increase in demand. With a hidden IP address, they don’t know how busy it is in your area, because they don’t know where you are. 

Real net neutrality

Experience the most free version of the internet, without geographical limitations, censorship or concerns about surveillance. A VPN gives you the right to the truly liberated version of the internet we all dream about - be it watching live sports services outside of the country they’re licensed for or using country specific services you pay for, even when you’re abroad. 

Your data - only yours

Our data encryption’s immense power ensures that even if a third party gets their hands on information you share, it is useless to them as indecipherable code. 

Aside from the obvious security and privacy risks having an exposed or open IP address, there are several benefits to the experience of being online which come from having your IP hidden. 

Signing up for a BlufVPN account ensures that you are protected across up to five separate devices, ensuring: 

  • You can be where you want to be. Change your virtual location with your choice of thousands of servers to connect to globally. 
  • Disguise your IP. Your IP address will be hidden, as it should be, once you connect to a BlufVPN server. It could be one of the thousands of servers we have across the globe and most importantly, it will be impossible to relate it to you. 
  • Make your data meaningless. Even if your data is intercepted, no one will be able to profit from it as it will be encrypted using our dynamic encryption algorithm.   

Start using BlufVPN now

Wherever and whoever you are, your IP address is just as valuable as your personal data. Don’t give it away for free. Download BlufVPN and hide your IP address today.