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BlufVPN Server Locations

500+ VPN server locations in 50+ countries. BlufVPN allows you to create a list of your favorite server locations too, so you can quickly find the places you connect to the most often.

Be where you want to be, with BlufVPN

We have VPN server locations in every corner of the globe. You are only ever one tap away from being in China, the USA, the UK or any one of more than 50 countries. Many locations have multiple servers too, giving you over 500 BlufVPN servers in total. With us, you can rest assured knowing that the best VPN server for you is a tap away. 

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We have a huge number of servers across the world - and many of them are suited to specific needs.

File sharing

If you regularly share large files online, we have VPN servers set up to help. Our file sharing optimised servers have no bandwidth limits, meaning you can quickly upload and download without worrying about slow down.

Avoid censorship

If you live in a country where your version of the internet is limited by censorship, our server list is the place to find a new home. Just connect to a country where the site you need isn’t blocked, and you’re good to go.


If streaming content is your profession, or just something you like to do a lot, the BlufVPN server list has something for you. Our streaming servers are geared up to provide streams that flow like water every single time.

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