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The BlufVPN help page is there to give you the support you need with any issues you have relating to our service, whenever you need it. We want BlufVPN to be the best it can be, an easy to use tool which helps its users set up a virtual private network at the touch of a button or click of a mouse. 

Dedicated support

We know that there will be times when for some reason, the system does not work as you are expecting. For that reason, we have dedicated customer support teams ready to respond to your needs whenever you need them, whatever they are.

Any problem is solvable

If you are having trouble logging in, have connection issues, or aren’t getting the service you expected from BlufVPN, it’s easy to get in touch with us at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is click on the chat function on our website and one of our support team will be waiting to deal with your query. 

Extensive support

Our support team are all BlufVPN nerds, so they won’t have any difficulty providing help or in working out what needs to be done to solve your problem. They really care about VPNs, their functionality and the processes involved in getting the max out of each individual’s VPN using experience.

Ask anything

You can ask them anything from questions about billing, data privacy, encryption algorithms, connection rejection or failures, different VPN protocols, name resolution or even more in depth subjects like dedicated IP addresses or our no log policy. 

Never closing support

If you use your VPN for a specific activity, the advisors on our support team will also be able to tell you which servers in which countries would be best suited to your specific VPN needs. 

The support office never closes, because problems don’t take a break just because it’s night time somewhere. We believe that our customers need access to a problem solver at all times and have structured our business to accommodate that need.

Our team of writers are constantly looking deeper into the world of online privacy and security - so with the “Search” function on the Blogs section of our website, you can look through a whole back catalogue of VPN research and info too. They write about a massively diverse range of topics to give you a base of knowledge from which to start your journey with BlufVPN. 

We will find an answer for you
Technical information

If you’re having trouble working out the difference between IPv4 and IPv6, you want a troubleshooting guide on how to make your Android phone as secure as it can possibly be, or even to learn how to make the internet safer for your kids, we can help.

Walkthroughs for all

We’ve got step by step walkthroughs on making a variety of different devices as private and secure as they can be without using a VPN, free of charge, because we don’t just care about security and privacy because it sells our product - we believe passionately that these subjects matter more than ever in today’s world. 

You can rely on us

We truly believe in the need for our users to have the best security and privacy they can, even beyond the world of using VPN, so all of that information is there for you to use, absolutely free. Start searching our Blogs for the information you need today. 

Start using BlufVPN now - we've got you covered.