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What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is like a private, underground tunnel for your data to travel. The tunnel is private, so no one else can access it, and because it is underground, no can see it either.

Why you should use a VPN?

For too long, we’ve been giving our data away for free. With a VPN, in 2022 you can start securing your personal information, valuing your privacy and hiding your location

No more free data for the big companies who have been making money from you for years. No more targeted ads.

D. Hard: lock down your data

If you aren’t using BlufVPN to get online, you are already taking unnecessary risks with your information. It’s like going to the park and shouting out your online banking PIN code. You want to make your valuable data more secure than that.  

  • Serious VPN encryption algorithms used by high level security agencies lock down your data when you connect with us. 
  • We use a AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm with a 4096-bit DH key. Good luck to anyone trying to crack it. 
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Holiyay: the genuine deal on travel

Maybe you’re the kind of person who is always looking for their next adventure. That’s a very good reason to get online with the best VPN you can find. 

  • Flights and travel packages are dynamically priced, meaning they’re cheaper in some countries than they are in others. With a VPN, you can choose where to be, so the best flight deals are always available. 
  • The deals don’t stop at just travel. You might find that some of your favorite brands or companies are also pricing their products in a way that means you pay more just because of where you live. Time to virtually relocate. 

Teezy: makes streams come true

Streaming your favourite TV shows or sport with BlufVPN takes control from the executives and corporations who want to put limits on your experience, and gives it to you. Because you can choose where to be, they can’t geoblock your favourite content.   

  • Whether it’s live sport, new TV shows or gaming that takes the most of your time, our 200 servers in 60 countries mean you won’t have to worry about where you are limiting what you can watch or play. 

That means if you’re on holiday, or away with work, you’ll still have access to all the content services you pay for back home.

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Slick: always anonymous

When your priority is to maintain your anonymity, a VPN is essential. Your privacy represents the right to protect your identity from outside organisations and authorities who might want to know who you are. BlufVPN makes sure they can’t find out. 

  • If you have to use public Wifi to get online, every time you do it you put yourself at risk of being hacked and your identity discovered. As public Wifi is unencrypted, it is the number one location for man-in-the-middle hacks. 
  • Connecting with a VPN is the best way to protect you against hackers and hide your IP address at the same time. 
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When should you use a VPN in 2022?

It’s always a good idea to protect your information and your privacy, but there are certain situations where having a VPN will make your life better.

1 File sharing

If you regularly use torrents to download and share large files, it’s highly likely that you’re using a P2P (Peer to Peer) network. That means your information and your IP address is exposed to a stranger who might want to track you or monitor your activity. We have specific torrent servers set up for maximum download and sharing speed, so you can torrent safely knowing that your information is protected and your anonymity assured.

2 Travelling abroad

We don’t think that denying you products you pay for because of where you are is fair. If you travel a lot, having BlufVPN on your side means you can access all the services you pay for at home, wherever in the world you are. Certain countries block certain social media networks and platforms that might be important to your work, so if you need a truly open internet where accessing anything is easy, a VPN is a necessary tool.

3 Streaming

If you are the kind of person who is always streaming, you also benefit hugely from the freedom offered by a VPN. Television executives can no longer decide what you can watch and where from to maximise their profits. Because you can choose where to be, you can catch up on your favourite shows wherever and whenever they come available.

4 Using public Wifi

If you commonly have to connect with public Wifi, you’re taking a big risk if you don’t use a VPN. Unencrypted Wifi without a password is open season for hackers, but a VPN will encrypt your identity and data, even if everyone else is at risk.

Enjoy the benefits of VPN!

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